Current Promotions

The last couple of months have given us all a chance to reflect and realize what is important in life. No precious moment should be taken for granted. Now more than ever, we understand how important it is for you to stay connected to those you love.

We want to share with you that Widex, a top hearing aid manufacturer, has made its newest product line available to us in an early release. Widex has offered us their latest, cutting-edge Moment hearing aids at a significantly reduced price. We are passing this savings opportunity along to you in an effort to restart our business after this difficult period. Please see our pricing below:


Any Set of:

Moment 440 hearing aids – $5,000.00, includes 3 year warranty
Moment 330 hearing aids – $4,000.00, includes 3 year warranty
Moment 220 hearing aids – $3,000.00, includes 3 year warranty

These prices include FREE Woodard care for the life of the warranty!


This opportunity ends June 30th, 2020 . Appointment Required. Schedule Now!