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Imagine that you are purchasing a brand new vehicle and as you are signing on the dotted line, the salesman hands you a list of 25 things you have to do each month in order to keep this particular car running.

You would probably drop the pen and seriously reconsider your decision.

But what if, instead of overwhelming you with a to-do list, this salesman informed you that if you simply make sure to have the oil changed every 3000 miles you would essentially guarantee that the vehicle would run well for a very long time?

You would likely breathe easy knowing you are buying a quality product, one that is built to last so long as you take care of the most basic maintenance.

Well, the good news is that this final scenario is true of your Woodard hearing aids.

Did you know that the majority of hearing aid failures aren’t the result of complicated issues that only a super-specialist technician can prevent but are instead caused by simple moisture and bacteria build up?

If you are conscious of this fact and know how to properly care for them, you can extend the life of your hearing aids for years to come.

Easy to follow tips for taking care of your hearing aids.

  • Lean over the table when inserting and removing your hearing aid to reduce the distance it could drop
  • Keep your hearing aids away from high temperatures and moisture
  • Take your hearing aids out before showering, swimming, having radiation treatment or using a hair dryer.

Widex Dry-Go

One of the best ways to maintain the quality and performance of your hearing aids is a product made by Widex called the Dry-Go.

The DRY-GO dries and sanitizes hearing aids and ear molds in just 3 hours.

Using the DRY-GO on a daily basis results in improved acoustic performance, better reliability and better ear hygiene.

Not to mention that the energy efficient drying station includes a travel case and can be powered by a standard outlet or USB for greater portability, all for under $140!

If you are looking for an inexpensive, easy to use way to protect your investment, come in and take a look at the DRY-GO.

We refuse to settle for less than the best and we hope you will do the same.