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Summer is here and with it comes warmer temperatures, abundant sunshine, and longer days. It is by far the best time of year to get out, enjoy the weather, and be active in all the ways you love most.

But for many hearing aid wearers having fun outside exposes them to the elements, including wind.  Wind can make it hard to understand speech while keeping social and it can also create extra noises that make it hard to concentrate.

As a result, a fun outing can quickly become frustrating and make it difficult to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. After all, the last thing you want to do is to go inside and sit alone while everyone else gets to experience all that summer has to offer.

If this has happened to you, there is great news! It doesn’t have to be this way any longer!

Our friends at Widex understand wind and how it can affect the hearing aid experience. That’s why they added their patented windscreen protection microphone cover to some of their popular models, including Fusion.

Take a moment to read a couple of short testimonials:

“With my old hearing aid, the wind noise was very annoying.  It sounded like rattling plastic,” said one user. “Now there’s not much wind noise at all. I can play golf in a windy weather without being irritated about the wind noise.”

Another respondent said, “I went cycling without ever noticing wind noise – that’s a very positive experience!”

So whether you like gardening, cycling, picnics, golfing, or all of the above, don’t let the wind hinder your ability to enjoy your favorite activities.

Come in today and see how wind protected microphones can allow you to get the most out of the summer months.

We refuse to settle for less than the best and we hope you will do the same.