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In our last post, we talked about noise floor, which is the hissing sound that all electronic amplification systems make.


The lower the noise floor, the easier it is for you to hear softer sounds. And at 5 dB (virtually inaudible to humans) Widex hearing aids have the lowest noise floor in the industry, meaning you can hear sounds you haven’t enjoyed in years.


But what about loud sounds? Remember, the banjo player said the music played in his band sounded incredibly unpleasant and distorted? Let’s take a look at why that happens – and how you can avoid it.


Clipping of loud sounds can make your life miserable

Almost anybody who has worn bargain-basement hearing aids will tell you the same thing: Loud sounds tend to distort. Again, it’s about the quality of the electronic circuitry. The poor-quality circuits found in cheap hearing aids “clip” the sound signal, resulting in an incredibly unpleasant, nearly unbearable buzzing sound.


This clipping occurs at a level as low as 80 dB in low-quality products. That’s the volume of a typical vacuum cleaner – and only a little higher than conversational speech. So if you ask somebody to speak up, cheap hearing aids could actually distort what they say!


Widex virtually eliminates clipping

Thanks to the superior design and workmanship of their electronic circuits, Widex hearing aids raise that ceiling to about 113 dB, which will handle the loudest sounds you’d ever want to hear (for instance, a chainsaw 3 feet away produces 110 dB).


By now it should be pretty clear. Widex products let you hear louder sounds more clearly and still pick up softer sounds you haven’t experienced in years.


Of course, such a wide dynamic range costs more. But at Woodard, you can get low-cost financing options that make your hearing aids affordable. And rest assured, cheap hearing aids will cost you more than money. They’ll cost you the ability to truly enjoy your life.


Whether you’re a banjo player in a bluegrass band, or simply an everyday person who wants to enjoy life to the fullest, you deserve the quality and wide dynamic range of Widex hearing aids. The good news is that the professionals at Woodard Hearing Centers have the know-how you need to hear the sounds you love. Like no one else in central Iowa — we know Widex.


So don’t wait another minute. Come on in to Woodard Hearing Centers and hear what you’ve been missing.