More Than Hearing Aid Technology

“Amplify Your Life” isn’t just our tagline, it’s our way of thinking

Our unique set of values are the foundation of Woodard Hearing Centers. They are the driving force behind all of our decisions and how we diagnose and treat each and every patient we encounter.

Woodard’s clinical staff of highly trained Doctors of Audiology and hearing specialists find the best solution for their patient’s individual needs, lifestyle and budget.

We offer our patients access to the best technology for their type of hearing loss and lifestyle by being fiercely independent. This means no franchise, purchase agreement, sales quota or corporate office tells us how and what product is best for you. Your hearing professional will work to understand you and will continue to adjust as your lifestyle and hearing changes on your journey to better hearing. Our technology is just one piece of the puzzle here at Woodard.

Our relationships with patients, your unique hearing loss, in-depth consultations, prescriptions, cosmetics and style and your lifestyle are all part of your hearing experience. As always, we believe when you purchase your hearing aids from Woodard, you’re family. We’ve been available to our patients for over 75 years – and we’ll continue to be here when you need us most.

When you choose Woodard Hearing Centers you can trust in knowing you will receive the highest quality of care, personalized service, and valuable products and solutions to help you Amplify Your Life.

Todd Maas,
Owner | Woodard Hearing Centers