Benefits of Being Our Patient
What to Expect As a Woodard Patient

With Woodard, your journey to better hearing is as easy as 1-2-3

Make an appointment at one of Woodard Hearing Centers 3 locations. You will meet with an experienced hearing specialist that will perform a comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluation. This process only takes about an hour.

During this evaluation, we strive to understand each person’s individual hearing needs – talking to grandkids on the phone, listening to a sermon at church, communicating at work or being able to watch your favorite TV show. Understanding your lifestyle is an essential part of choosing the best solution.

Based on all the information gathered at this appointment (hearing test, lifestyle factors and budgetary considerations) your provider will make a hearing technology recommendation personalized to your individual needs. Before you leave, you can test-drive the suggested technology and experience for yourself an amplified life.

During Your Visit

Your hearing aids are programmed and finely tuned to your specific hearing needs.
We add special enhancements for unique environments such as noisy restaurants or talking on the phone. Your provider will work with you throughout the fitting process. This includes slight adjustments as your ears acclimate to the new technology.

Enjoy better hearing!

Your provider will continue to be available for adjustments, consultations and advice as you settle into your new hearing aids. Your hearing aids can be adjusted to suit your specific needs or to reflect any changes in your hearing. Our team will continuously work to give you the tools and technology to Amplify Your Life.

Dont miss out on seven years of your life...

The average person waits seven years between knowing they have a hearing problem and doing something about it.  At Woodard Hearing, we want to make your first visit to our office and easy decision. What’s stopping you?


Woodard Hearing Centers offer a wide-range of hearing aids for your lifestyle and budget. We make it easy to purchase new hearing aids by offering the following payment options.

  • Interest-free financing available
  • Woodard Hearing is the preferred provider for most insurance plans
  • All major credit cards are accepted
  • We offer flexible payment plans
Cosmetic Concerns?

Using state-of-the-art technology, there are now hearing aid options that are 100% invisible that still deliver performance, comfort and a custom-fit specifically tailored to your ears and your hearing loss.

Negative Perceptions?

Some people think hearing aids make them look older or incapable. However, wearing hearing aids is much less noticeable than routinely asking people to repeat themselves. Properly fit hearing aids can greatly enhance your ability to interact with others and get your life back, contact us for a consultation today.