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Have you ever stood in the breakfast cereal aisle of your local grocery store and been overjoyed with the abundance of options spread out before you?

There are SO MANY choices, and so many of them are REALLY tasty. Do you like the brand with extra marshmallows or the brand that has more nutritional benefits?

Either way, in our country, we place a premium on options because we understand that few things in life work well for everyone.

And if options are important when it comes to something like breakfast cereal, shouldn’t they be even more important when your health and well-being are in play?

Sadly, when it comes to treating hearing loss, many hearing-aid centers sell only one or two styles of hearing aids and make the misguided claim that one size fits all.

The best hearing aids for you are determined by several factors including; your hearing loss, ear shape, and personal preference and you should never feel like you are stuck with what a salesman wants you to purchase.

In fact, the highly regarded publication Consumer Reports chose not to rate hearing aids but instead concluded that selecting a hearing aid is a personal decision that must be made with the help of a trained professional.

If Consumer Reports understands the importance of options and guidance, shouldn’t you choose a hearing center that offers the best of both worlds?

Here at Woodard we have access to all hearing aid brands and types. This is important to us because we view everyone’s hearing loss as unique and work with you to find solutions that will work best for you hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.

Come visit us today and let one of our Doctors of Audiology help you get on the road to better hearing health.

We refuse to settle for less than the best and we hope you will do the same.